Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 3 | Release Date and Full Synopsis


Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 3 English Release Date and Episode 2 Full Synopsis

Turkan brought Shirin to the palace for Jalaluddin to get married as soon as possible, but Aycicek was very uncomfortable with this situation. While Genghis was about to kill the captive woman, Bahadir stopped him and told him that he was Shehzade Jalaluddin to be able to persuade him.

Genghis changed his death sentence and invited the envoys to dinner. Sultan Alauddin said that only Jalaluddin could decide on the marriage to end the dispute between Aycicek and Turkan, but despite this, Turkan started to make preparations for the wedding. Turks went to Genghis’s tent and prayed before dinner.

Genghis asked questions to Jalaluddin. Timur made some suggestions to improve trade between the two states. As the shamans sang after the meal, Jalaluddin dressed like a Mongolian soldier and secretly rescued the captive woman. The next morning Genghis went hunting early and left some gifts for Jalaluddin.

As the Turks were about to leave the Mongol base, it turned out that the captive woman had escaped.Some Mongolian soldiers searched the chests of the Turks but could not find the captive woman. Jalaluddin and the envoys set out. Genghis returned shortly after. Jalaluddin brought the captive woman out of hiding, but Mongolian soldiers followed and even attacked them.

Jalaluddin fought the Mongols in the sandstorm, and the captive woman helped him. Turkan told Shirin about her preparations for the wedding and made many new requests. Genghis visited a shaman and told him that after he conquered China completely, he would attack Jalaluddin’s country. That night, Jalaluddin and the captive woman watched the stars together.

Jalaluddin learned that the captive woman’s name was Kutlu Bike. Kutlu said that her whole family was killed by Genghis. Upon this, Jalaluddin said that nothing bad would happen to Kutlu from now on and took her to the palace.


Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 3 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Sunday 01:00 PM Sunday 10:00 PM Sunday 
 28 February 2021   28 February  2021   28 February  2021
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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