Mendirman Celaleddin Season Two NEWS| Release Date and Synopsis 

Mendriman Celaleddin is an Uzbek-Turkish historical series under the production of Mehmat Bozdag, the same producer of Drilliş Ertugrul and Kurulş Osman. The first ever episode of season one of Mendirman originally premiered on February 14, 2021, in Uzbekistan. Later it got attention in different countries and aired across Uzbekistan. It was composed of 13 episodes and each episode was of the duration of more than one hour.

This story revolves around a brave warrior Celaleddin who was a famous commander . He defeated the Genghis Khans and other Mongols in many wars. He was the last governor of the Khwarezmian empire.

In order to help his father, Celaleddin started to pay attention to circumstances that caused distress in the state. But his brother disliked him from the beginning and planned to harm him to get the power seat. Celaleddin made everyone aware regarding the approaching of Mongols but no one bothered to pay attention to him. His grandmother started to make use of his father to get the throne. Later Genghis Khan took life of his father.

After saving Celaleddin Kutlu Bike, he signed an agreement with his grandmother and halted the civil war in the state. Genghis Khan started to work on the attack on the Turks. Celaleddin came forward and took some measures to save his people and state from the Mongolian danger. On the other hand, Celaleddin married Kutlu Bike and found out that she was actually a secret agent serving the Mongols. Celaleddin rescued Kutlu’s younger brother and then came back to the castle before the start of war. The ending of the finale of the first season made everyone excited. On the battlefield, two biggest armies of that time were standing against each other. This ending made the fans excited and now they are eagerly waiting for the new season.

Although, still no legit news or announcement made by the producers of Celaleddin for its new season. However, audiences of Celaleddin are hoping for the new season to start right after this summer.