Barbaroslar Episode 28 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 28 Synopsis

While Oruj was trying to save Isabel’s life, a great battle took place in the port. Sahbaz shot Gabriel in the arm to hide that he was working with him. Sahbaz’s men began to advance toward the fortress on the island. Kemal Reis and his soldiers came to the island.

When Sahbaz saw Kemal, he realized that he could not win this war and fled to the secret cove in the north. Kemal arrested Gabriel and began to ask Oruj questions about the situation on the island. Kemal learned that Ilyas had brought the slaves to the island and ordered him to stay in the dungeon until Sahbaz was captured.

Sahbaz and Pierro managed to escape to Modon. Gabriel said he would execute Sahbaz to hide his plan. Sahbaz said that Daniel can reveal anything. Gabriel asked Sahbaz to kill Daniel and then go to Don Diego.

After talking with Ilyas, Khizir went to the island of Santorini to catch Daniel. Sahin wanted Oruj to take his revenge and died shortly after. Kemal said that Hamza’s death caused a big problem and asked Oruj to bring Daniel immediately. As Khizir was about to capture Daniel, Sahbaz’s mercenaries attacked. Daniel fled into the forest but surrendered to Khizir to save his life.

While Khizir was listening to Daniel, one of the mercenaries killed him. Khizir said he had to catch Sahbaz before he reached Don Diego and sailed towards Jijel. When Ilyas learned of Daniel’s death, he was terrified and escaped from the dungeon that night to catch Pasha’s helper. Mesih said that Ilyas was guilty and would kill him. Oruj’s sailors tried to persuade Ilyas to surrender but were unsuccessful. Khizir and Piri attacked Don Diego’s soldiers to capture Sahbaz. As Oruj was about to find Ilyas, Pasha shot at him.


Barbaroslar Episode 28 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Thursday  01:00 PM Thursday  10:00 PM Thursday 
 21 April  2022 21 April  2022 21 April 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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