Kurulus Osman Episode 91| Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 91 Synopsis

Osman set out with his sons Orhan and Aladdin and showed them Inegol Castle. Osman said that they would conquer Inegol first and then Bursa. Osman then took his sons to the secret headquarters. Osman checked all the preparations. Nikola spoke to Simon and asked him not to tell anyone the route of the caravan.

Basileus came to the castle and invited all the Lords to his daughter’s wedding. Nikola said that he planned to kill Osman and his entire family at this wedding. Orhan and Aladdin started hunting by the river. Orhan soon saw a girl and rescued her from the Byzantine soldiers. Osman attacked the caravan going to Inegol and captured the war materials there. Nikola got very angry at this situation and started talking to Arius.

Arius said that he would soon destroy the Turks and that Barkin would rule Sogut. Kosses spoke to Justinyanus and learned that he had not been invited to the wedding. Osman returned to the tribe and realized that the girl Orhan had found was Holofira. Kosses rushed to the tribe that night and said that the Lords would kill Osman during the wedding.

Osman came up with a plan and said that the women of the tribe would take the castle. The next day, Basileus came to the tribe and asked Osman for his daughter. Osman gave Holofira to his father and said that he had agreed to come to the wedding.

Barkin began to work secretly both to seize Sogut and to find out the location of the iron from the mine. Arius began to secretly wait for Orhan and Aladdin in the forest. Osman stopped the Byzantine soldiers attacking Kosses. Arius soon kidnapped Osman’s sons and took them to the castle. Malhun said she would save her children no matter what.

Kurulus Osman Episode 91 Release Date  Across Different Countries 

06:00 PM Wednesday  01:00 PM Wednesday  10:00 PM Wednesday 
 20 April 2022 20 April  2022 20 April 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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