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Episode 5 synopsis

In Barbaroslar Episode 5, Radko went to the house of Radko and assaulted to get Suleiman. He was stopped by khizir and Ishaq but Suleiman got injured badly. Suleiman felt that his death time has come so he shared his wish with khizir. Oruj’s ship was captured by Sahin. Sahin said to oruj to provide Ebu Muhammad. Oruj agreed with the demand of Sahin to protect the lives of his companions.

Also, Oruj assured him to solve the issues when they came back to Alexandria. Pietro observed what Sahin was doing from far away. Pietro was thinking of assault on both the ships. However, he was stopped by Diego. All the books in the shop of Suleiman were checked by khizir. Then, he found a private book.After some time, khizir went out for Alexandria to fulfil the wish of Suleiman. Zeynab and niko was also went out with Suleiman for alexendria.

Sahin keeps Ebu Muhammad in a secret place near a river for the tribe of Bedouin. Hayrabah found the location of Sahin and told this to Oruj. Sahin was attacked by oruj to get back his companions and ebu Muhammad. During this, Kilic approached there and they were stopped by Kilic. Kilic make an apology to oruj and told him that he considered him like his son. The men of oruj found ebu Muhammad and they brought him to Hayrabay.

Hayrabay fulfilled his promise with oruj and gave some money to purchase a new ship.  But he learned that the prices were increased too high. The task of Jafer was given to oruj by Isabel to financially helped his condition. Sylvio was furious over this. And he hit Isabel. Pietro commanded Radko to start the firing to arrest the khizir. Niko and khizir made holes in the ship of Radko.

Jafer put the kegs of powder on the ship to avenge Oruj. Sahin was taking the ship to Thessaloniki. Ilyas and oruj found the barrels positioned by Jafer. Jafer assaulted oruj to came out of the ship before the explosion. Captain and Ishaq almost drained the ship of Radko.


Barbaroslar Episode 5 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Thursday

14 October 2021

London,  UK


01:00 PM Thursday

14 October 2021

New York, USA


10:00 PM Thursday

14 October 2021

Lahore, Pakistan


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