Alp Arslan Episode 51

Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 51 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 51 synopsis

Grigor badly injured Seferiye in the stomach and then attacked Alparslan. To save his wife, Alparslan first cut off the Lord’s hand and then executed him. Alparslan asked Selcan to take Seferiye to a doctor immediately and began to fight with Suleiman’s soldiers. Selcan realized that Seferiye’s condition was very bad and decided to take her to the palace doctors. Kutalmis realized that Suleiman was going to explode the barrels of naphtha and decided to retreat.

While Suleiman was thinking about how to stop Alparslan, Selcan came to the palace. Despite the vizier’s objections, Suleiman allowed the doctors to treat Seferiye. The palace doctors said that Seferiye would recover soon, but they could not save the baby. Leon realized that Suleiman was too weak and offered him a peace treaty. The vizier said that the state did not hesitate to attack Byzantine, but Suleiman began to listen to this offer.

Leon asked Suleiman for Gence. Suleiman openly said that he could not give Genceto Byzantium, but accepted Leon’s plan. Leon then returned to Ani and asked Erbaskan to take control of Gence. Selcan left the palace and told Alparslan about Suleiman’s secret plan. Alparslan went to talk to Kutalmis to stop Leon and told him his plan. Seferiye wanted to leave the palace, but the Vizier stopped her. Suleiman allowed his mother and Seferiye to leave.

Erbaskan went to Gence, and after showing the Sultan’s order, he asked the soldiers to prepare for a big attack. Leon began to attack after the soldiers left the city. First, Alparslan and then Kutalmis started to attack the Byzantine soldiers. Leon realized that Erbaskan had betrayed the plan and injured him. Alparslan said he would attack Kutalmis in three days. To stop Kutalmis and Qavurd, Suleiman asked the Vizier to kidnap their sons. Alparslan escaped from the swamp prepared by Kutalmis and began to wait for him on the battlefield.


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