Nur al-Din Mahmud Zengi| A New Turkish Project 

A new Turkish program on the life of Nur al-Din Mahmud Zengi is coming soon on TRT…!! 😍

The great Turkish ruler Nur al-Din Mahmud was one of the unique figures in Islamic institutions. He was the conqueror of Jerusalem. He was a great leader who had big goals, a very professional warrior, and a courageous military commander of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi. He was from the Oghuz Turkish Zengid dynasty, which controlled the Syrian Province (Sham) of the Seljuk Empire.

He was one of the most deadly Muslim enemies of the Crusaders, one who intended to recover Jerusalem and its surroundings area from the islamic rule.

Nur al-Din was a great governor who was also famous for his merit, sense of justice, farsightedness and down to earthness. He took culture and arts seriously important. He revered culture and arts.

Turkish actor Alkan Kizilirmak will be playing the leading role of Nur al-Din Mahmud Zengi, who is also known for his best show in The Great Seljuk series.

Another great actor from The Great Seljuks series whose name is Egemen Yavuz will be playing the role of Salahuddin Ayubi’s uncle known as Shirkuh (lion of the mountains) in this series.

Will keep posting the further details !!