Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 22 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 22 synopsis

Rati went to the city to kill Alparslan and attacked him. The villagers started to help Alparslan and Ivan was seriously injured. Although Alparslan was injured on his wrist, he took Afshin to the tribe. Akca said that the wound on Alparslan’s hand was very bad and it would be difficult for him to use a sword again.

Alparslan was very upset about this situation. Nestor found several dead Byzantine soldiers in the forest, so Diogenes realized that the Lord was lying. Alpagu hid the message Karaca wrote and warned Akca about it. After Ferzat’s message, Yinal went to the forest and said he would give him what he wanted. Alparslan went to the headquarters after a while and invited Kekaumenos there. Lord sneaked out of the castle but Rati started following him.

Lord said that the tunnels Alparslan mentioned were just a legend and set off to return to the castle. Rati realized that Lord was a traitor working with the Turks and attacked him, but Alparslan saved his ally’s life. The Lord said that he could not go to the castle anymore and went to the tribe with Alparslan. Diogenes learned that the Lord was a traitor and began to search for the deal he had secretly made.

Biruni prepared a new ointment for Alparslan’s wrist. Akca said that Karaca’s message did not work and warned her. While Karaca was returning to her tent, she noticed the blood on her dress and realized that she had lost her baby. Alpagut went to see his mother that night and apologized to her many times.

The next day, Alparslan went to the entrance of the secret tunnels with the Lord and started to fill it with war materials. Rati and Diogenes filled the entrance of the tunnel with explosives. While Kekaumenos was trying to warn Alparslan, there was a big explosion and the Turks were trapped in the tunnel.

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06:00 PM Monday  01:00 PM Monday  10:00 PM Monday 
 18 April 2022 18 April 2022 18 April 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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