Barbaroslar Episode 27 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 27 Synopsis

After Oruj conquered Levitha, he returned to Kelemez and ordered the arrest of Sahbaz. Sahbaz realized that he had to run away as soon as possible and went to the forest. Sahsenem went to her brother’s ship, but Meryem followed her. Sahin asked Sahbaz to give up. Sahbaz said he would never surrender and confessed to killing his father.

Sahbaz’s soldiers began to attack and Antuan was badly wounded. Oruj immediately took his friend to the city and asked the doctor to cure him. Khizir began to follow Sahbaz’s ship. Sahsenem began to torture Meryem and inflicted wounds on her face. Oruj told Hamza what Sahbaz had done and asked him to take full control of the island. Pasha objected to this, but Hamza gave full control to Oruj. Ilyas tried to buy one of the ships in the port but failed because he did not have enough money.

Khizir struck Sahbaz’s ship and continued to pursue them. Sahsenem saw Khizir approaching and said she would kill Meryem. Sahin asked his sister to surrender, but he could not persuade her. Sahin killed Sahsenem to save Meryem’s life and this started a war. A few pirates rescued Sahbaz and took him to Modon. Sahin was very upset because he killed his sister.

Khizir went back to Kelemez and told Oruj what Sahbaz had done. Antuan recovered after his dream and went to talk to Dervish. Dervish said Antuan’s search was over now. Antuan converted to Islam that night and changed his name to Murat. Ilyas went to an island with the ship he bought with the help of Pasha and bought the slaves there. Ilyas brought these slaves to Kelemez. Gabriel went to Kelemez and asked Oruj not to attack Modon. Gabriel said he would deliver Sahbaz. When the slaves began to attack, Sahabaz shot Isabel.


Barbaroslar Episode 27 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Thursday  01:00 PM Thursday  10:00 PM Thursday 
 14 April  2022 14 April  2022 14 April 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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