Barbaroslar Season Two News| Release Date And Synopsis 

Turkish series are now getting popular globally. Barbaroslar series, another one of the biggest project aired on TRT. Barbarossa is an Italian word which means red beard. The first season ended with 32 episodes. It is another Turkish historical series which received the appreciation of all viewers in a short time, making it one of the most successful series internationally. It is the first series in Turkey that takes place at sea.The first episode of Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kilici was premiered on September 16, 2021. Engin Altan,who is now internationally recognized as Ertugul, was the leading actor in this series.

This story is based on the lives of four brothers who became seafarers and made several enemies during the course of the journey of finding the Holy secret. These heros turned the Mediterranean into a Turkish lake and became conquerors of the sea. The series tries to show the life of both the Ottoman Empire and Mediterranean Muslims. Oruj was a captain working on rented ships, he started assisting the people in Alexandria and after some time purchased his own ship. Khizir struggled to find the solution to the puzzle of the Mediterranean and got support from Dervish on this subject.

In the start, Ishaq disagreed with his younger brothers because of dangerous duties, but after watching his family getting murdered, he began to backed them. Oruj started to cross his swords against Pietro and conquered the islands in the Aegean Sea one after the other successfully.

After the death of Oruj’s wife,he started to burn in the fire of revenge on the Christian states in the Mediterranean. Khizir helped him in fighting against the Knights of Rhodes. Khizir’s caravan spoiled most of the ships heading from Rhodes After Pietro’s death, Don Diego took the charge to halt Oruj and the Turks. After Oruj occupying the Aegean Sea , he left for Algeria and took out his sword against the Spanish. Don Diego set a dangerous trap and murdered Oruj. Khizir started to burn in fire of revenge and attacked the Spanish pirates to took revenge of Ilyas, Oruj, and Meryem.

Khizir captured Don Diego and killed him in front of everyone and announced to join the Ottoman Empire with all his conquered lands. Yavuz Sultan Selim welcomed his announcement and gave him the title of Hayreddin (The best of the faith).

Barbaroslar’s fans are eagerly waiting for its second season. Up till now there is no news of it’s new season However, Barbaroslar season two is expected to air in the mid or end of September.