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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 1 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 1 Synopsis

Barbarossa single-handedly attacked a ship to save the Muslim slaves and was successful. The governor sent his daughter on this ship and asked her to go to Granada. Hayreddin caught Valeria and the captain who were unaware of everything. To persuade the Pope, King Charles gave him a lot of gold and told him that Francois was unreliable. Meanwhile, an admiral came and told what had happened in Oliva. The Pope ordered the capture of Barbarossa.

While waiting for the storm to pass, Hayreddin saw the admiral’s ships coming and attacked them immediately. After Hayreddin seized the flag on the ship, he let the admiral go. After Isabella learned what had happened, she said that they should put Doria in charge of the navy, and the Pope liked the idea very much. While Charles was contemplating how to find the money for Doria, Isabella said she was going to Venice and set off immediately.

Doria argued with King Francois and said that he no longer worked for him. That night, Hayreddin received the Sultan’s secret message and immediately sailed to meet him. The Sultan said that he wanted to seize Rome and asked Hayreddin to establish a spy agency in France. Hayreddin gladly accepted this task and took action to meet with the Sultan’s spy in Venice. Isabella deceived Luna and took from her the money needed for Doria. Charles used this money to hire Doria to lead the navy.

After reading Luna’s message, Hayreddin went to talk to her and said that Isabella was actually from Spain. To take revenge on Isabella, Luna gave Osman’s secret notebook to Hayreddin. Hayreddin immediately rescued Osman from the Rhodes knights and sent him to Istanbul. Luna asked Hayreddin to steal the Doge’s seal. Francois kidnapped Hayreddin and asked him to lead the French navy, but could not persuade him. Hayreddin learned that Doria was in the port and immediately attacked him.


Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 1 Release Date  Across Different Countries 

06:00 PM Friday  01:00 PM Friday  10:00 PM Friday 
30 December 2022 30 December 2022 30 December 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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