Kurulus Osman Episode 110

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 110 Synopsis

While Osman was looking for Mesut in the palace, Mongolian soldiers caught him. Samagar said he wanted to kill Osman, but Bayindir stopped him and said Ismihan wanted him alive. Aladdin prepared to see the Sultan together with Dursun. The Sultan took everyone out of his room and listened to the secret things Aladdin said. Samagar began to torture Osman and his soldiers. A short time later, the Sultan came and said that he wanted to listen to Osman.

After seeing Bala’s rebellious actions, Ismihan suddenly made a plan and said that she would cause a big problem in the market. Osman went to talk to the Sultan with his soldiers and told him that there were some traitors in the palace. Sultan realized that Mesut was still alive and ordered Samagar’s arrest. Sultan said that he forgave Osman and that Aladdin would stay in the palace. Malhun talked to the merchants in the market and began to look for food for her people.

Ismihan said that the people in the city will soon start a rebellion because of hunger. Malhun began to think that Olof was taking the food somewhere else and sent her soldiers to the caves. Bayindir read the message sent by Ismihan and took action to kill Osman. After asking Dursun to save Aladdin, Osman started looking for Mesut. Sheikh went to talk to Turgut and asked him to help the Turks. Turgut talked to the Beys the next morning and started looking for food. Kantakuzenos said that Osman would die in Konya and that he would seize the castles in this way.

Olof did not believe this plan and warned Kantakuzenos. When the Mongolian soldiers were about to kill Mesut, Osman came and saved the old Sultan. Dursun took Aladdin out of the palace and handed him over to Osman. While Ismihan was saying that she would help the hungry people in the city, Malhun came and started to distribute food to the people. Vizier secretly took Samagar out of the dungeon and asked him to execute Osman.


Kurulus Osman Episode 110 Release Date  Across Different Countries 

06:00 PM Wednesday  01:00 PM Wednesday  10:00 PM Wednesday 
29 December 2022 29 December 2022 29 December 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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