Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 2 | Release Date and Full Synopsis


Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 2 English Release Date and Episode 1 Full Synopsis

Shehzade Jalaluddin caught a lion alive after a long hunt and set out to return to the palace. When Shehzade came to town, everyone congratulated him. Jalaluddin then went to the palace and talked to Turkan. Turkan told him he had to be careful.

Sultan Alauddin summoned his sons and state administrators to a meeting to talk about Genghis. Even if Jalaluddin wanted to fight Genghis, the Sultan decided to send a group of ambassadors. While the family was having dinner that night, the Sultan asked his son Jalaluddin why he was upset.

Jalaluddin said that no matter what happened, he had to obey the Sultan’s order. A delegation consisting of Timur Melik, Vizier, and army commanders set out to talk to Genghis. Alauddin’s other children were jealous of Jalaluddin and thought the Sultan had made the wrong decision. Jalaluddin followed the convoy secretly, despite his father’s order.

Timur Melik said that Sultan would be angry with this situation, but Jalaluddin went to an inn with them. Alauddin secretly spoke to the palace doctor and asked him to treat the wound on his back as soon as possible. After a short while, Turkan arrived and said that Jalaluddin was on the road with the envoy.

The Sultan was angry with this situation, but Turkan said that Jalaluddin should now get married. Jalaluddin saw that a man was disturbing the woman working at the inn and stopped that man. That’s why a fight broke out in the inn. One of the Mongolian merchants there helped Jalaluddin and talked to him for a long time.

After getting enough rest, the envoy moved forward day and night to speak to Genghis and reached his military base. Jalaluddin saw the Mongol soldiers killing prisoners just for fun. Meanwhile, Alauddin and Turkan quarreled over the taxes paid by the merchants. Genghis came out of his tent and greeted the envoys.

Jalaluddin saw that Genghis was actually the merchant he had spoken to within the inn before. Jalaluddin stopped Genghis when he was about to kill one of the captive women.

Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 2 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Sunday 01:00 PM Sunday 10:00 PM Sunday 
 21 February 2021   21 February  2021   21 February  2021
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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