Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 9 English Release Date and Episode 8 Full Synopsis

Sultan asked where Jalaluddin was going and asked Shamsiddinbek to learn about the Mongolian soldiers approaching the border. Shamsiddinbek went to Turkan’s room and explained what the Sultan wanted from him.

Turkan sent a soldier to find Jalaluddin. Meanwhile, Jalaluddin searched one of the commanders loyal to Turkan. Subutai realized that Jalaluddin was nearby and waited for a suitable time to attack him.

Akshah went to the market to find the Hashish people but saw Kutlu instead. An old woman received orders from Behram to take the venomous snake in her hand to the palace.

Kutlu went to Behram’s shop after a short while and Akshah saw her entering the shop. Turkan summoned Shirin’s father to the palace and received new information about Genghis from him.

Subutai attacked as Jalaluddin advanced with the soldiers he had captured. Jalaluddin’s bodyguards were badly injured and Subutai escaped.

Akshah then entered the shop but could not see anyone there. Mihri Cihan said that they will get rid of Kutlu soon.

Turkan did not like her plan but accepted this situation to get rid of Kutlu. Turkan asked Mihri to get close to Alauddin and even apologize to him. Thereupon, Mihri apologized to Sultan and said that she was actually innocent.

Aycicek saw Mihri hugging the Sultan. Jalaluddin went to the palace to find a doctor. The old woman secretly went to the palace and gave her bag to a soldier. Uzlagshah thought of what Behram had said and went to meet him once more.

Mihri asked Akshah to support Uzlag, not Jalaluddin. Shirin said rude things about Kutlu’s relationship with Jalaluddin. So Aycicek slapped Shirin. That night, Kutlu went to bed to sleep. Jalaluddin returned to the palace and told his father what had happened to him.

Jalaluddin said that Turkan could be responsible for this attack, but Alauddin said that the Mongols might have done it. The soldier sent the snake in the bag to Kutlu’s room and that snake bit Kutlu.

Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 9 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Sunday 01:00 PM Sunday 10:00 PM Sunday 
 11 April 2021   11 April  2021   11 April  2021
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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