Kurulus Osman Episode 114

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 114 Synopsis

Ismihan talked to Alcicek and said that she understood that she loved Aktemur now. Ismihan then tried to convince Bengi about this. Osman said that he had to seize Kopruhisar and started to give new tasks to his soldiers. Osman asked his sons to check Mesut. Shortly after, Ismihan came to the tribe and said that she wanted to talk to Osman. After Osman stopped his soldiers, he began to listen to Ismihan.

Ismihan said that the Sultan forgave Osman and gave Yenisehir back to him. Osman said that he never lost Yenisehir. Ismihan said that she would hold a meeting in Sogut and called other Beys in Anatolia. Osman said that he would attend this meeting. Orhan saw that Avci was approaching and said that Mesut should change his clothes with Kumral. When Avci started to follow Kumral, Orhan quickly neutralized him.

Ismihan said that Bengi will control the Kayi tribe thanks to Alcicek’s marriage. Bengi accepted this plan and immediately tried to persuade her husband. The Emperor summoned Olof and said that he would now command the armies. A Mongolian envoy came to talk to Ismihan and said that Nayman had new requests. Ismihan said that the ambassador should come to the meeting to use this situation. Osman went to the meeting after warning his soldiers. Semseddin, Karesi, and Yakup came to the meeting. Ismihan said that a great danger was approaching and brought the ambassador.

Osman said that he would always defend his homeland against the Mongols and cut off the head of the ambassador. Other Beys said that what Osman did was wrong. Osman then set out for Marmaracik with his family. Olof prepared to attack Inegol with his army and started fires in the surrounding villages. When the soldiers in the castle came out, Olof captured Inegol quickly. While Osman was talking to Oktem about Aktemur’s marriage to Alcicek, he learned what happened in Inegol.

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 Release Date  Across Different Countries 

06:00 PM Wednesday  01:00 PM Wednesday  10:00 PM Wednesday 
 25 January 2022 25 January 2022 25 January 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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