Alp Arslan Episode 43

Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 43 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 43 synopsis

Tughrul executed Yinal after the battle. Oke was very saddened by the death of her husband and set out to bury him by order of the Sultan. Flora went to church and began to pray to God. Alparslan asked his soldiers to capture Besasiri and told them about his plan. Although Besasiri was injured, he continued to flee toward Ani. While returning to the palace, Alparslan saw some rebel soldiers again and asked them to surrender. The rebel soldiers attacked once more but failed.

The Sultan congratulated the loyal Beys and pardoned the rebels for the last time. Alparslan said that the Sultan’s decision was wrong and that the rebels should be punished immediately. Sultan asked Alparslan to obey orders and ordered him to control the Turkmens. While waiting for Yinal to take over the palace, Lord learned that he had died. The lord realized that he had to find a new alliance and immediately went to talk to Kutalmis.

Alparslan returned to the city and announced to everyone that his son’s name was Melik Shah. Besasiri went into hiding in a cave. Lord started talking to Kutalmis and said that Celal was Altuncan’s son to persuade him. Kutalmis immediately went to the palace and asked the Sultan to announce an heir. After being slapped by Sultan, Kutalmis said that Celal was actually Altuncan’s son. Alpagut took the Turkmens to a place close to Ani. While the Turkmen were arguing with Alpagut, Grigor’s soldiers attacked.

Burkay brought gifts from Bukhara for Seferiye’s son. Alparslan’s soldiers captured Besasiri but handed him over to Harun because of the Sultan’s order. Alparslan got very angry and executed Besasiri. Gulce secretly got on Burkay’s carriage and tried to go to Bukhara. The Sultan was angry with Alparslan because of the death of Besasiri and the rebellious Turkmens. Kutalmis came back to the palace and said that what Alparslan did was wrong. The Sultan said that after his death, Suleiman would ascend to the throne.


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06:00 PM Monday  01:00 PM Monday  10:00 PM Monday 
23 JANUARY 2023 23 JANUARY 2023 23 JANUARY 2023
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