Diabetes is one of the prevalent diseases that is ruining the lives of various people all over the world. The lockdown, for almost more than six months, is already stressing diabetic people out a lot. Stress, depression, and exhaustion are the key factors leading towards a slow poison, diabetes.

But what about people who have been fighting diabetes for ages? In simple words, Covid-19 is one of the risks for diabetic patients these days as they can take more recovery time. Basically, these people are already prone to several diseases. The chance of catching any of the existing bacteria, infection, or virus is higher for diabetic patients rather than the non-diabetic person.

The Misconception Between Diabetes and Covid-19

Coronavirus is developing a new yet wrong concept among people related to diabetes. Nowadays, a famous statement is that people with diabetes are likely to suffer from Covid-19. However, this statement is just a myth. Yes, it is not at all true!

Janaki Vakharia, an MD in the Mass General Endocrinology Division, says that “ We do not believe that people with diabetes are more likely to get Covid-19 than the general population. They are, however, at risk for more severe outcomes, based on what we have been learning so far from research studies.”

Therefore, it is time to say goodbye to this myth and relax, even if a diabetic patient catches Covid-19. People should increase the usage of masks and other safety measures to avoid Covid-19.

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Will a Diabetic Patient Take More Time to Recover?                                               

The nerves and organs of a diabetic patient get weak with time. So yes, he might take more time to fight against this disease.

The immune response of a diabetic patient to any infection is weak. Whether it be bacterial pneumonia (secondary) or any other virus, the patient (diabetes) will take a long period to fight against this pandemic.

Why Do Diabetic Patients Take More Time?

According to several studies, people with diabetes took more time to recover because they develop a higher probability of serious illness. Usually, they are having different issues like cardiovascular problems, obesity, etc.

Due to these diseases, including diabetes and Covid-19, the patient gets hospitalized for several days. The doctor not only needs to monitor his blood sugar and Covid-19 symptoms but also needs to keep an eye on his other organs.


Getting the Covid-19 tests done on observing any symptoms is the first requirement. But what if the Covid-19 test is positive? A diabetic patient can quarantine himself at home until and unless the condition becomes severe.

However, type-1 diabetic patients require frequent checking in order to monitor the dosage requirement. It helps in maintaining their normoglycemia. This monitoring can prevent diabetic patients from future problems (medical issues).

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Therefore, diabetic patients might require more time to recover. But it is not necessary that every diabetic person will suffer from this Covid-19 virus.