Kurulus Osman Episode 45 | Release Date and Full Synopsis

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Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Release Date and Episode 44 Full Synopsis

Nikola told Osman that he wanted Kulucahisar castle in return for Bayhoca. This news made Lena very sad, but Osman said he would take back Bayhoca no matter what. Meanwhile, Nikola decided to send Bayhoca to Iznik and sent him with Alexander.

Osman’s spies in the castle told Osman about this situation. Savci wanted to take immediate action to get his son back, and Osman agreed. The Turks started the attack, but it was Nikola’s trap. Flatyos came out from under the blanket and stabbed Savci several times. Osman ordered his soldiers to withdraw. Nikola killed the Turkish spies in the castle and sent news to Osman once again.

Osman held a meeting that night and said he would give Kulucahisar. Lena did not wait any longer and went to the castle in secret. Bamsi objected to Osman’s decision, but Osman did not change his decision.

Dundar went to Inegol and said that Osman would give the castle. Thereupon, Nikola put Lena and Bayhoca in a car together. Flatyos went to Kulucahisar with Dundar. Flatyos sent Alexander to the castle and asked him to search everywhere. Alexander searched all over the castle and hung Byzantine flags on it.

Flatyos thought they had captured the castle and handed over the captives to Dundar. Dundar set out to take Lena and Bayhoca to the plain. Aygul attacked them while the Byzantine soldiers roamed the castle. Later, Yavlak and the Alps came out of their hiding place and started attacking Byzantine soldiers. While Alexander was thinking about how to defend the castle, Osman came out of hiding and attacked him. Osman killed Alexander and took the castle back.

Nikola was furious that he lost the castle. Osman returned to the plain and ate with his family that night. Shortly after, Kumral Abdal came and asked them why they were sitting. Abdal said that Sheikh Edebali was about to come, and Bala was very happy with this news.

Kurulus Osman Episode 45 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Wednesday 01:00 PM Wednesday 10:00 PM Wednesday 
 10 February 2021   10 February  2021   10 February  2021
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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