Surveys Show Increased Coronavirus Precaution While Deaths Statistics Claim Otherwise
Surveys Show Increased Coronavirus Precaution While Deaths Statistics Claim Otherwise

Deaths From Coronavirus Refuse to Go Down As Another 58 Patients Lose The Battle Against The Deadly Virus

A survey has shown that around 80% of people are wearing a mask when they go out. The thing that the survey conveniently left out is if the participants keep the mask on all the time or have it pushed down to their neck as can be seen all over the place.

Daily deaths have risen alarmingly and we are now at an average of 50 deaths per day. All the economic activity is back to normal. Heading over to any big market, it is evident that masks are not necessary.

The survey claims to have run for a month and says that Pakistani people are among the best in the world. But the reality shows otherwise. Deaths are now at an all-time high and the denial of the fact by the government is doing no good.

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Lack of Preventative Measures

When survey recipients were asked about “what preventative measures they are taking against COVID-19,” 78% said that they are using a mask. Meanwhile, 51% said that they wash their hands frequently. Some 47% of the respondents indicated that they use a hand sanitizer to keep themselves safe from the virus, while 27% of people said they used gloves.

About 20% said they avoid going out most of the time to prevent themselves from contracting the infection, while 4% think that quarantining at home is the safest way to prevent the virus from wreaking havoc. Moreover, 13% of the respondents said that they are not taking any kind of precautions against the virus. They believe that they can’t be affected as the virus is now weak.

Worrying About Deaths: Taking Precautions

When asked about feeling worried in public places when people avoid wearing masks, 50% of the respondents said they do not feel worried about it. Meanwhile, 46% said they feel worried when people do not wear a mask in public.

When asked about shops and shopping centres which people frequent without wearing a mask, 51% said they do not feel worried about it, while 46% said they feel concerns for their safety.

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In terms of offices, 50% of professionals said they do not feel worried when their coworkers come to work without a mask, while 46% said they feel concerned for their safety when their colleagues show up without a mask.

Precaution: A Community Effort

57% of the 1000 participants said they have observed their neighbors wearing a mask, whereas about 42% indicated that their neighbours do not wear a mask. It should be a community effort and we all have to play our part in it. Only we, as a community, can bring down the death rate and can stop this virus from spreading further. If we are not careful, we might fall in the same death trap as Britain and France. Over 500 people die every day in the UK and in France.