Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 5 | Release Date and Full Synopsis


Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 5 English Release Date and Episode 4 Full Synopsis

Behram wore a soldier’s uniform and went to the palace. Jalaluddin said he loved Kutlu. As Kutlu was about to reply to Jalaluddin, the soldiers came and said there was a big problem in the palace. Alauddin wanted to search Turkan’s room after hearing from the captured rebel soldier.

First, Turkan and then her soldiers opposed this situation. Alauddin said he was the Sultan and would search that room no matter what. Turkan could not take it any longer and let him. Alauddin entered the room and started searching everywhere.

Meanwhile, Alauddin’s and Turkan’s soldiers started to fight. Jalaluddin stopped them and said that the soldiers should not betray the state no matter what. Alauddin opened one of the chests in the room and found a note. On this note were the names of the commanders who wanted to dethrone Alauddin and supported Turkan.

Alauddin became very angry with this situation and arrested Turkan’s soldiers. Jalaluddin spoke to Turkan’s servants ahead but realized that they were innocent.

Jalaluddin later thought the captured soldier was threatened and decided to find his family. Sultan called Timur into his room and asked him to kill everyone who was on the paper. Jalaluddin asked his father not to be harsh on Turkan, but the Sultan got even angrier.

Uzlagshah brought the rebel soldier to the Sultan’s room. The rebel soldier said Jalaluddin was only strong enough to stop Genghis. Alauddin got very angry with this and ordered the arrest of Jalaluddin. Jalaluddin escaped with the help of his bodyguards on his way to the dungeon.

Jalaluddin and Kutlu went to the city. Kutlu met with Behram secretly and told him that Jalaluddin was looking for the rebel soldier’s family. As Jalaluddin and his bodyguards were about to enter the rebel soldier’s house, Jalaluddin realized that he was being followed by someone and chased that man. That man was Behram and soon took Kutlu hostage.

Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 5 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Sunday 01:00 PM Sunday 10:00 PM Sunday 
 14 March 2021   14 March  2021   14 March  2021
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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