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Barbaroslar Episode 18 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 18 Synopsis

Khizir used envoys and led the withdrawal of Karabay’s troops. Shortly after, Yareli came aboard and said that Pietro had killed everyone. Pietro set out to go to Lesbos with the envoys. Khizir then went to the hospital to take Oruj’s body to the funeral. Khizir examined the burned corpses there, but could not find Oruj.

Khizir then stopped Ilyas and went to the forest to look for Oruj. Sahbaz got this news and sent his soldiers into the forest to stop Khizir. Niko told Khizir that Meryem was trying to meet with Pietro. First, Pietro’s and then Sahbaz’s soldiers attacked, but they could not stop Khizir. Khizir continued to follow the tracks and went to the port. Khizir and the sailors began to search the ship. Khizir saw Oruj sleeping and realized that he was alive.

Antuan said he saved him secretly to pay off his debt to Oruj. Oruj soon returned to his mansion and spoke to his family. Meryem asked Antuan to keep quiet about her secret. Khizir said that Meryem was hiding something, but she denied everything. Oruj then went to the inn and shot Sahbaz in the shoulder to give him a lesson. The envoys went to the port to meet Pietro, but Khizir stopped them.

Oruj killed all the envoys and sent their heads to Pietro. Before Oruj, Pietro took action to go to Lesbos and asked Sahbaz to kidnap Meryem. After checking the ammunition from the Ottoman Empire, Oruj set out with his friends. While Oruj was contemplating how to pass the sentry ships around the island, Khizir and Antuan started to blow up the Christian ships. On Pietro’s orders, ships began firing on the city. Conrad and Gladius started to kill everyone in the city. Oruj went to the south of the island and fought with Conrad’s soldiers.


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06:00 PM Thursday  01:00 PM Thursday  10:00 PM Thursday 
 27 January 2022 27 January  2022 27 January 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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