Mavera Episode 9

Mavera Episode 9 | Release Date and Full Synopsis

In Mavera Episode 9, The Crusaders realized that Saltuk was a spy and attacked him, but Saltuk managed to escape from there. Dai caught Leyla in Baghdad and told her that she should follow all the next orders without question. Tarik realized that the water he received from the church was not helping his son’s illness this time, and went to ask Ahmad for help. Ahmad sent Mansur to the plain and asked those there to prepare an ointment.

Ahmad then went to the library with Tarik and started studying the books. Shortly after, Khwaja said he saw this disease in a book by Ibn Sina and read how to treat it. Saltuk and Mahmud went to the nomadic plain. Ahmad removed the fluid from the boy’s eye using a needle and began to wait for her to heal. Soon the boy started seeing again and Tarik thanked Ahmad.

Saltuk asked Tarik about the priest. Tarik talked about the barrels the priest brought to his shop and said that the priest was going to Antioch. Saltuk said that the contents of those barrels were not saffron but gunpowder. Ahmad found out that the priest had thirty barrels and realized that there would be a big explosion in the city. Ahmad searched the entire market but could not find the barrels. Khwaja realized that these barrels could be in the palace and asked Asife for help. Asife said there was no one she trusted in the palace.

As the loyal soldiers of Asife, Mahmud and Saltuk went to the palace and started to control the surroundings. Mervan realized that there were not as many people coming to the derby as before, and he was angry with Ahmad. Mervan sent some bandits to attack those who left the dervish lodge. Ahmad saw a wounded dervish and realized that Marwan was doing it. Khwaja blamed Mervan, but he denied all the charges and attacked Ahmad. Ahmad injured Marwan on the face.

Mavera Episode 9 Release Date in Different Countries

 21 April 2021 21 April 2021 21 April 2021
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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