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Destan Episode 9| Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 9 Synopsis

After the events of the feast, Balamir met Kircicek in the forest. Akkiz took Alpagu to the place Kun Ata had said and began to look for the flower to be used in his treatment. Gunseli regretted poisoning Tutkun and confessed everything to Ece in order to heal her. While Temur was trying to heal Tutkun, Mei came and said she would give her the antidote. Ece accepted Mei’s terms and took the necessary antidote for Tutkun. Colpan got angry with Tutkun and said that Kaya should marry her. Balamir and his army broke into the palace that night. Temur tried to stop his uncle, but Danis calmed everyone down. Akkiz learned what Balamir had done and informed Alpagu. Kaya said that he had to marry Akkiz to become Khan, but Ece opposed him. Akkiz made a plan with Alpagu and sent a secret message to Saltuk.


Pars went to the forest to look for Yaman, but was unsuccessful. Akkiz and Yaman started to question Pars. Pars said Balamir was innocent and secretly took the knife from the ground. Kaya and Temur began to think that Akkiz’s plan had worked. That night, Pars escaped from Akkiz and returned to the palace. Balamir learns that Alpagu is still alive and is trying to reclaim the throne. Balamir killed Pars and asked his soldiers to kill Akkiz. Colpan spoke to some tribal leaders and told them that she would expose Balamir’s treacherous plan. Alpagu stopped the attackers but saw that they were mute. Mei spoke to a Chinese priest and began to pressure Ece to make Temur the new Khan. The council meeting began and Balamir was elected as the new Khan. Batuga agreed to marry Kircicek. While Alpagu was fighting with Balamir, Kircicek came and told them about every treachery her father had committed.

Destan Episode 9 Release Date Across Different Countries 

06:00 PM Tuesday  01:00 PM Tuesday  10:00 PM Tuesday 
 25 January 2022 25 January  2022 25 January 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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