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Episode 14 synopsis

Barbaroslar Episode 14 synopsis, Pietro attacked to get the cannons from Oruj but was unsuccessful. Pietro fled into the forest with the chests of gold. Oruj started looking for Pietro. The chests the knights had taken began to explode. Oruj spotted Pietro’s location and attacked him again. The pirates on the ship captured Khizir and Meryem. Khizir broke a piece of the rudder to stop the ship. Oruj took the chests of gold and returned them to his ship. Pietro fired at Oruj’s ship.

Oruj asked his soldiers to close the hole in the ship as soon as possible and fired at Pietro’s ship. The pirates took Khizir and Meryem to the island. Khizir freed himself from the ropes and saved Meryem. Khizir immediately seized the pirate ship and went to Lesbos with Meryem. Oruj went to Alexandria and said that he now owns this ship. Isabel wanted to save her brother, but Sahbaz asked her to work for the inn.

Oruj learned that Isabel’s father had died and went to the inn to talk to her. Isabel said she’ll be working for the inn now. Khizir spoke to Ishaq first and then to Piri. Piri gave Khizir the maps that he was looking for. Pietro returned to Kalymnos and asked Gladius to bring Meryem immediately. Oruj spoke to the Ethiopians and said he would return the gold to them. Antuan went to Alexandria on the orders of Pietro and learned the place of exchange of gold from Sahbaz. Antuan said that Oruj had cannons on his ship.

Sahbaz immediately called Emir to the inn and told him that Oruj’s ship had illegal cannons. After Oruj talked to the Ethiopians, he asked Ilyas to help them. Emir seized Oruj’s ship and took the cannons there. Oruj went to the port to stop him. While Ilyas was carrying chests of gold, Antuan attacked him. Oruj learned that Antuan had attacked and asked Emir not to touch the ship. Antuan killed Ilyas.


Barbaroslar Episode 14 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Thursday

23 December 2021

London,  UK


01:00 PM Thursday

23 December 2021

New York, USA


10:00 PM Thursday

23  December 2021

Lahore, Pakistan


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