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Episode 13 synopsis

Barbaroslar Episode 13 synopsis, To save Dervish, Khizir tells Pietro that the book is in Oruj’s house. Sylvio stopped Oruj and asked him for Isabel. Isabel went to her father to save Ilyas. Just as Sylvio was about to kill Isabel, Huma arrived. After Oruj saved Isabel, he went to the place of execution with Alfeo. As the executioner was about to kill Ilyas, Oruj saved his brother. Oruj later learned that Pietro had captured Khizir and immediately went to the forest. Pietro went to the south cove to escape Oruj’s attack.

Someone attacked Pietro’s men and seized the gold. While Pietro and Antuan were waiting in the bay, Sahbaz arrived. Sahbaz asked for the inn of Unita in exchange for the gold. Pietro immediately accepted this offer and went to Kalymnos with chests full of gold. Oruj could not catch the ship because of Emir and returned to his home. Khizir and Meryem went back to the library. No one could enter the library after Emir’s order. Ishaq went to Lesbos with Piri and later sent a message to Oruj about Kalymnos.

Oruj learned of the war preparations in Kalymnos and began to call Sylvio for information about the cannons that would go there. Sahbaz beat Sylvio and took over the inn. Esther entered the library that night with Ilyas and took the book Khizir wanted. Dervish told Khizir his secret after a long time. Pietro went to Kalymnos and said that he would work with the Rhodes knights.

Gladius said he was ready to do anything to drive the Turks out of the Mediterranean. To take revenge on Unita, Sylvio went to Oruj’s house and told him where the special cannons were produced. Oruj immediately went to this workshop and seized the ship there. Oruj and the sailors went to the meeting place. Antuan realized that something was wrong, but meanwhile, Pietro arrived with his soldiers.


Barbaroslar Episode 13 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Thursday

16 December 2021

London,  UK


01:00 PM Thursday

16 December 2021

New York, USA


10:00 PM Thursday

16 December 2021

Lahore, Pakistan


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