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Episode 10  synopsis

Barbaroslar Episode 10, Oruj brought the engineer and delivered him to Hayrabay. Karabay, the new Emir of Alexandria, arrived at the port and asked Burak to leave the city. Burak showed the treaty in his hand and Karabay then returned to the palace. Oruj went home and learned that Despina was no longer pregnant. Jafer learned that Ishaq had killed Yorgo and immediately told this to the new Emir. Isabel received the encrypted message she found in her father’s office and met with Oruj.

Oruj spoke to Khizir to decipher this code. Karabay arrested Ishaq first and then Oruj. While Karabay was saying that he would manage the court himself, Burak came. Burak said that Oruj is now an ambassador working for the Ottoman Empire and Ishaq is an Ottoman Bey. Karabay released the detainees. Pietro captured a pirate ship and sailed to Kalymnos. Pietro learned that Diego was the new commander and went to Alexandria to clear his name. Unita gave Pietro a second chance. Kilic’s other son, Sahabaz, came and got angry with his father.

Pietro ordered barrels of gold from the Nile River to go to the southern bay. Oruj decided to go to the northern bay. Khizir set out with the ship he bought from Kilic and arrived at the island after a long journey. Khizir started looking for the girl, but the natives attacked him. When Shahbaz learned that his father had given a ship to Khizir, he poisoned and killed him.

While waiting for Oruj in the northern bay, Pietro realized that something was wrong. Oruj changed his plan and seized barrels full of gold. Pietro kidnapped Despina to get the barrels from Oruj. Ilyas tried to save Despina, but she fell into a well and died. While Khizir thought he had found the girl he was looking for, Diego stopped him and killed Niko. Oruj went to meet Isabel but saw that she had been captured by someone.


Barbaroslar Episode 10 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Thursday

18 November 2021

London,  UK


01:00 PM Thursday

18 November 2021

New York, USA


10:00 PM Thursday

18 November 2021

Lahore, Pakistan


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