Turkish TV Series Storm the Cannes MIPCOM Expo

Turkish TV Series Storm the Cannes MIPCOM Expo


Conveying a huge traditional value, Turkish drama series after grabbing attention around the world are now being showcased at the world’s largest content expo MIPCOM.

This world’s leading meeting point has gathered 14,000 top industry professional representatives, 2,000 exhibitors, 5,000 formats and content recipients from 110 countries.

The ATVs outstanding productions “Hercai” and “Kurlus Osman” have swept the festival.

The expo is being organized in the Cannes—a town of France. An ATVs standard-setting series “Hercai” was at Cannes with the entire cast. The cast attended the Q&A and networking session with the visitors and embraced the love and the respect of their fans.

Leading actors of the series Akın Akınözü, Ayda Aksel and Ebru Şahin, and the directors Cem Karcı and Benal Tairi, who was accompanied by AtresMedia’s head of sales and acquisitions, attended the session.

The visitors were excited to see the posters of their favourite series, which were hanged all over the Cannes. The celebrities also took pictures and shake hands with their fans, which makes them more delighted and obsessed with their favourite heroes once again.

Another series “Sıla” and “Sen Anlat Karadeniz” got an enormous number of fans around the world and was presented at the Cannes.


Turkish TV Series Storm the Cannes MIPCOM Expo


ATVs new series “Kurlus Osman” was also the centrepiece at the fair. An Ottoman-style tent was mounted at the garden of Le Grand Hotel as a symbol which drew exceptional attraction for sectoral pioneers, visitors, and the international press.

At the launch of this tent, the producer Mehmet Bozdağ described that their ancestors built the marvellous empire from the tiny tent. He said, “The Ottoman” would tell the story of how an empire was established on the concepts of love and devotions.

However, 7,000 to 10,000 of visitors are expected in the coming days by the organizers. According to the statement by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), a chamber has organized a trade delegation with the help of the Trade Ministry to attend the MIPCOM expo. This event is carrying out all its activities gleamingly and will end on 16 October.