Ramo Episode 15

Ramo Episode 15 English Subtitles Release Date & Ramo Episode 14 Synopsis

Ramo tried so hard to save Sibel, but Taner’s sudden death upset all balances and plans in Istanbul. Cihangir decided to stop all his business in Istanbul until the killer of his son got caught. This decision of Cihangir causes unease among those who do business with him, especially Vahap.

On the other hand, all the clues about Taner’s death show Ramo and Sibel as guilty. Also, Yavuz remains under suspicion for helping them. As Cihangir marches on Ramo with all his huge armies, Ramo has little time to save Sibel and himself.

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In the next episode of Ramo, Cihangil will try to give a job to Ramo, but this isn’t ordinary work. Ramo understands that Cihangir has suspicions about him, and his new work will test his reliability. Even though Ramo knows this work is almost impossible to do, he prepares himself to steal the Kursat’s goods. Ramo and his friend take their guns and enter a warehouse, but then the gunfight starts.

Meanwhile, Sibel’s life is once again in danger. Ahsen becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Sibel’s presence in the family and asks Yavuz to kill her. Sibel cries once again for Ramo. Ramo Episode 15 will release on 9th October

Count Down of Ramo Episode 15

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