Sindh Government Corruption scandal

Sindh Government Mega corruption scandal

The recent monsoon rain spells lead to floods in many areas of Province Sindh. A major part of the rural population was affected by the rain. Media outlets have dug out the Sindh government corruption scandal.
The government of Sindh has not taken any steps for the welfare of humans.
But, the Government of Sindh has decided to take some steps to protect the animals of the province. The Government of Sindh has decided to buy mosquito nets to protect animals.
According to the media reports, the Sindh Government has allocated 62,000,0000(62 crores) to the agriculture department for the procurement of Mosquito nets. The Government has decided to purchase 25 thousand these mosquito nets for the safety of animals. No Government has ever taken any step like this

Megacities of Sindh are facing mosquito induced diseases. Cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, and Larkana are facing malaria.
Sindh Government has not allocated any budget for this purpose. With the change in weather, the situation will be worse. The government of Sindh has given no explanation about it. When contacted, No one was ready to answer the questions.
Corruption has now become a synonym of the Sindh Government. From the last ten years, the Pakistan people’s party has gained power. In every tenure of the Sindh Government, many big scams have aroused. The leaders of the Pakistan people’s party (PPP) are facing many corruption cases by the National Accountability Bureau.  Some of the provincial ministers are also facing corruption charges. National Accountability Bureau also abducted Agha Siraj Durrani in the corruption scandal. He is also a speaker of the Sindh Parliament.

Furthermore, Asif Ali Zardari The leader of the ruling party in Sindh has been in fake accounts scandal along with the other accused of the case.