Who was Yakub Bey in Kurulus Osman Season 5

Yakup I of Germiyan, who lived around 1327, is known for starting the Germiyanid beylik in Kütahya. He was the son of Kerimüddin Alişir and later, Mehmed I of Germiyan took over after him.

PredecessorSet up the dynasty
SuccessorMehmed I of Germiyan
Diedafter 1327
FatherKeramüttin Alişir Bey

He didn’t listen to Mesud II and decided to be loyal to the Ilkhanids, which led to him creating his own state. He became very strong and attacked the west, making the Byzantine Empire give him money for a while. He lost control of Alaşehir for a short time to some soldiers from Catalonia, but he got it back in 1314. He also took over Ayasluğ (which is now called Selçuk) and Angir (which is now called Simav). He did good things too, like building charities and mosques in Afyon.