Kurulus Osman Episode 47 | Release Date and Full Synopsis


Kurulus Osman Episode 47 English Release Date and Episode 46 Full Synopsis

Nikola’s soldiers surrounded Osman, but meanwhile, a Hatun arrived. This Hatun and her soldiers saved Osman. After Nikola fled, Osman learned that this Hatun’s name was Malhun and where she came from. Targun took Bala, Dundar, Lena, and Hazal hostage to escape from the plain.

Selcan tried to stop Targun, but Sheikh calmed her down. Savci planned to hide in a nearby cave to avoid Flatyos’ attack. After Targun came out of the plain, she released everyone except Bala and went to a secret place in the forest with the documents in her hand. Bala secretly cut the ropes from her hand with a knife she took from Goktug and attacked Targun.

Osman came at this time and helped them. Bala killed Targun. Osman congratulated Goktug for what he had done and told him to control the Cumans. Savci and the Alps went to the cave while Cerkutay attacked Flatyos alone.

Merchants in Sogut spoke to Osman about the caravan attack and asked him to compensate for the damage. Meanwhile, Idris learned that Osman was going to meet with Yorgo and secretly told the merchants. Petrus ordered Idris to go to the castle and pass this information to Nikola.

Cerkutay sneaked out of the cave and brought something to eat. Sheikh told Osman that Muslims were fighting each other in Anatolia and elsewhere. Upon this, Osman said once again that he would establish a new state. The next morning, Savci and the Alps attacked Flatyos. Gunduz helped his brother. Malhun went to the soup kitchen and talked to Bala. Osman gave Sheikh a house to use as a lodge and listened to the story he told.

After Osman left the house, the merchants came once again and said that they would sue Osman for compensation. Osman accepted this offer and said that Sheikh would deal with this case as a judge. Shortly after, Osman saw Idris and followed him. Osman asked Idris who he was working for, but Dundar killed him with an arrow before anyone saw him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 47 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Wednesday 01:00 PM Wednesday 10:00 PM Wednesday 
 24 February 2021   24 February  2021   24 February  2021
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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