Destan Episode 14 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 14 Synopsis

Saltuk took Batuga to the room in the palace and told him that he would be tried soon. Batuga said he had to save Akkiz and argued with Saltuk. Meanwhile, Temur came and learned what Batuga had been doing all this time.

Vargi and the Chinese monk began to fear that Batuga would confess all the secrets. While Batuga awaited trial, Alpagu took his horse and left the palace without saying a word to anyone. Alpagu went to Tilsim’s tomb and began to weep there. Colpan told Balamir where Alpagu was.

Alpagu dreamed of Tilsim and soon awoke. Alpagu set out to return to the palace, but Balamir’s soldiers attacked him. Alpagu killed these attackers and soon returned to the palace. Kircicek spoke to Batuga and told him about what her father had done.

Batuga went to the throne room. Saltuk told the crimes committed by Batuga one by one. Danis asked Akkiz about Batuga and he said she was guilty too. Batuga said that because of his secret deeds, Balamir was unable to seize the throne. Alpagu said the council had to decide.

When Ece heard what Batuga had done, she was very scared and asked Vargi to talk to the Chinese priest. The Chinese priest calmed Vargi and went to the dungeon to talk to Akkiz. Akkiz said she would never cooperate with the Chinese priest. Kaya talked about the trade he would do on the silk road to influence the decision of the congress members. The congress declared Batuga guilty.

Thereupon, Alpagu ordered Batuga to be executed and went to a room to talk to him. When Batuga was about to be executed, Saltuk entered the throne room with his soldiers and kidnapped him. Because Temur kidnapped Mei secretly, Akkiz got her friends back. Alpagu learned of Batuga’s location in the forest and attacked with his soldiers.


Destan Episode 14 | Release Date Across Different Countries 

06:00 PM Tuesday 01:00 PM Tuesday 10:00 PM Tuesday
8 March 2022 8 March  2022 8 March 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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