Alp Arslan Episode 41

Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 41 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 41 synopsis

Alparslan caught Besasiri and Yinal at the inn. As soon as Yinal came to the palace, he started talking about the Sultan. Yinal said that the Sultan had been making unjust decisions for years and even mistreated the Turkmen. Sultan said that he would make his decision about Yinal later and sent him to the dungeon. The Sultan then took action to execute Besasiri. Besasiri said that if something bad happened to him in the palace, the Caliph and his entire family would die.

The Sultan also sent Besasiri to the dungeon. The Lord finally caught Seferiye and went with her to Ani. Alparslan read the message sent by the Lord and set off. As Flora was about to kill herself, Suleiman stopped her. After Alparslan laid down his weapons, he entered Ani and started talking to the Lord. In return for Seferiye, Lord asked Alparslan for the inn and Vaspurakan. Although Seferiye did not accept this, Alparslan accepted the terms of the agreement to save his wife.

Thanks to the dagger he took from the spy, Alparslan captured the Lord and saved his wife by using it. Besasiri calmed Yinal and said that they would soon flee the palace. As soon as Oke heard that her husband was arrested, she went to the palace and began to beg the Sultan. When Oke realized that she could not change the Sultan’s decision, she said that Yinal would soon take over the throne and fainted. Alparslan asked the doctors to treat the wound on his wife’s shoulder and later learned that she was pregnant.

Besasiri and Yinal escaped from the palace thanks to Celal. Yinal said that he would go to Gence immediately and prepare his army. Alparslan finally executed Yusuf and began to wait somewhere near Gence to stop Yinal. The Lord went to the inn to get his daughter back, but Flora said she would never come back. Yinal’s soldiers asked Alparslan to surrender. Alparslan killed the soldiers and said that he would remain loyal to the Sultan no matter what.

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06:00 PM Monday  01:00 PM Monday  10:00 PM Monday 
09 JANUARY 2023 09 JANUARY 2023 09 JANUARY 2023
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
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