Kurulus Osman Episode 36 | Release Date and Full Synopsis

Kurulus Osman Episode 36

Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Release Date and Episode 35 Full Synopsis

Osman let the Byzantine soldiers capture him. The soldiers tied Osman’s hands and took him to Nikola’s room. Osman cut the ropes with a small knife and stabbed Nikola. While Flatyos and other soldiers were trying to enter the room, Osman and the Alps fled from the castle. Flatyos thought Nikola was dead and took out the knife from his chest. Meanwhile, Nikola opened his eyes. Doctors tried to cure Nikola.

Aygul told Osman what had happened to her and returned to the plain with him. Osman and the Alps came to the plain while Hazal was talking to Dundar about the attack of Aygul. Savci got angry with his brother, but Osman continued to speak and explained what he had done at the castle. Osman said that Aygul’s baby was named Kayialp and went to his tent with Bala.

Nikola stood up and said he was born again. Nikola sent Flatyos and gunpowder barrels to destroy Sogut who wanted revenge. Kumral sent news to Osman that Flatyos and Cerkutay were going to Sogut. Osman got ready to go to Sogut after receiving this news. Yavlak had a meeting with Dundar and Savci. Osman later joined this meeting and urged everyone to defend Sogut.

Yavlak accused Osman of damaging his plans and said that Nikola wanted to make a peace deal. Osman said that making such a deal was pointless and Nikola wanted revenge. Yavlak said he would attack Inegol and Savci would go to make this peace treaty. Then Osman set out to go to Sogut. Targun met with a spy to inform Nikola that Osman was on his way, but when Bala stalked her, she killed the spy to show that she was innocent.

Flatyos and spies entered Sogut dressed as merchants and dumped gunpowder everywhere. Dundar and Savci went to the castle to negotiate peace, but Nikola took them as prisoners. Osman stopped Flatyos and learned from him what happened in the castle. Nikola took Savci and Dundar to the square to execute them. Osman and the Alps disguised as Byzantine soldiers and brought the wounded Flatyos to the castle. While Nikola was trying to talk to Flatyos, Osman caught Nikola and climbed on the powder kegs with a torch in his hand.

Kurulus Osman Episode 36 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Wednesday 01:00 PM Wednesday 10:00 PM Wednesday 
 02 December 2020  02 December 2020   02 December 2020
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)


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