Alp Arslan Episode 47

Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 47 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 47 synopsis

Alparslan left the tribe with his family and said that he no longer accepted Suleiman as his brother. Suleiman searched for Alparslan in the forest for three months but was unsuccessful. To find Alparslan, Leon put a bounty on his head and sent his soldiers into the forest. Tughrul woke up after a while and realized that he had made a mistake. Tughrul called Harun and asked him to write down what he was going to say. Harun said that he would fulfill the task given by the Sultan.

Suleiman learned that Sultan had woken up and went to see him. The vizier realized that Harun was doing something secret and asked the soldiers to catch him. The Vizier killed Harun and said that no one would ever learn of the Sultan’s final order. Leon learned that Alparslan was in the forest, and after sending Gevher to Constantinople, he set out. Suleiman saw Alparslan in his dream that night and began to lose his mind.

Alparslan killed the Byzantine soldiers and asked his family to go to a safer place. Leon hid in the forest and waited for the Lord to come. Tughrul died a short time later. Suleiman said that Kutalmis and Alparslan will attack the palace very soon. The vizier once again tried to calm Suleiman, but with little success. Alparslan learned that the Lord was in the forest and stopped them. Later, Alparslan learned that Sultan was dead and made a plan to prevent Kutalmis from seizing the palace.

Batur went to talk to Kutalmis and told him what had happened in the palace. Kutalmis prepared his troops in Merv and set off shortly after. Alparslan’s soldiers blew up the swamp and rolled rocks down to block the road in the valley. After Alparslan blew up the bridge, he went to the palace and showed everyone the last order of the Sultan. While Suleiman was trying to understand what was going on, Alparslan asked him to leave the throne.


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13 March 2023 13 March 2023 13 March 2023
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