Agriculture Hackathon By National Incubation Centre Pakistan

Pakistan’s National Incubation Centre Gets Ready to Host Agriculture Hackathon

The National Incubation Centre is preparing to host Hackivate 3.0. Hacktivate 3.0 is meant to be a virtual Agri-based innovation hackathon. The hackathon will aim to to find practical solutions for the many problems in the agriculture industry of Pakistan. Hacktivate 3.0 will promote an out of the box approach towards the agricultural process and the agricultural economy.

The Agri Hackathon

Hackathons are the best of both worlds. Traditional problem solving and tech find common ground at Hackathons. It will primarily be a tech-based competition comprising of a large number of participants, who work together to solve problems in innovative ways.

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NIC took to their Twitter handle to announce the Hackathon.

The event is scheduled for on November 11 and aims look at agriculture through an innovator’s eye. In addition, big companies and panelists will be part of the event including Jazz Xlr8, Ministry of IT Pakistan, Engro, FAO, Neelas, Kausar Group, and Ubank.

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The event can strive to innovate, but an Agri event will never be complete without agriculture-based issues. So, a panel has sourced problem statements and issues from the agriculture sector. These include challenges that the industry faces on the go. Also, those that could help bring down costs.

Pakistan is primarily an Argi based economy and working on bringing down costs and solving the problems faced by the industry will benefit the country and the economy as a whole. Moreover, the solutions, are not just for Pakistan and will include problems faced by the agriculture sector worldwide.

Category Based Hackivate 3.0

To better categorize and to deal with the problems, an Agri Innovation space has been defined. Categories like technological innovation, precision agriculture, smart irrigation, research, development and training, food waste, a marketplace for farmers, etc will look into the matter.

The Government of Pakistan is also looking to revolutionize the agriculture sector. Hence, two important ministries are taking part in the event. The Minister for National Food Security and Research, Syed Fakhar Imam, said,

“An increase in agricultural productivity can happen when policies are framed, which will benefit the farming community. We want to bring a better balance between different sectors of the economy, which include manufacturing, agriculture, and services,”

NIC will be providing a complete platform. There will be monetary rewards for participants with great ideas. However, only the top three finalists will have access to investors, donors, and incubation services that can help them achieve their target.

Moreover, all Agri and Tech-based companies can participate to bring a much-needed boost to the economy and the agriculture of Pakistan.