Yusuf-El-Hemedani was born in 1048 in the village of Buzencird enclosed by the borders of Iran. To get a better education, Hemedani particularly went to Baghdad where he became a pupil of Ishak Sirazi. From the teachers of Baghdad, Hemedani gets many lessons of life. When Yusuf completed his education, he went to Merv and there he made a dervish cottage that was entirely worthy for the inhabitants of this city. In this school, Yusuf educated many students and later he went to some other cities to teach many people in the right way. Then, Hemedani went back to Baghdad where he taught many people and also made a dervish school there.

The people of Baghdad loved Yusuf so much and he was respected by everyone at that place. Seljuk sultan admired the works of Hemedani in a big way.  Particularly, Sultan Sencer helped Hemedani and his Dervish school financially. Throughout the life of Hemedani, he taught many students. The most significant and popular students of Hemedani were Hassan Endaki, Ahmed Yesevi, and Abdulhalik Gucduvani.

At the starting of every month, it was very significant for Yusuf to talk about religious affairs with noble scholars.  In 1140, When Yusuf-El-Hemedani returned from Herat to Merv, he died. The tomb of Yusuf is situated in the city of Merv and remained a popular place for people to visit each year. Yusuf is famous for sharing things with people and reciting the Holy Quran whenever he gets the opportunity.

The staff of Salman was also carried by Yusuf, he was the first Iranian who embrace Islam in his life.  During his life span, Hemedani wrote many books which are read by many scholars based on religious matters. Hemedani highlights in his books the importance to spend life with Islam, belief, and compassion. moreover, he wrote very informative texts on significant topics about life, the universe, purifying the hearts, and being tolerant.

In the Mavera television series, Ahmed’s teacher is Yusuf Hemedani. Hemedani requested Ahmed to go to Baghdad with his friends. Ahmed Yesevi visits the dervish lodge of Yusuf Hemedani in Baghdad. There he wishes to talk about the religious problems but the Dervish lodge’s in-charge person for all maters makes it tough to maintain his position for Hace (teacher, Haje).

Ahmed Yesevi feels that the inhabitants of Baghdad are in a very difficult condition. So, he takes a step to help the people of Baghdad. Now Ahmed realizes that why Hemedani particularly sent him to Baghdad and wishes to complete his responsibility. Moreover, in some episodes, Hemedani sees his teacher and gets his advice in his dreams. Ahmed also received a legendry sword of wood and informs him that now the mystery is unveiled.