Aslanbab (Arslan Baba)

Aslanbab (Arslan Baba)

Aslanbab (Arslan Baba) date of birth and death is unknown, but many people have talked about his actions and personality traits. The incident about dates is a rumor about Arslanbab. One day during thewar, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions were hungry. Jibrail (Gabriel) came and give dates to Holy Prophet. few dates fell and Jibriel tells that these dates are Ahmed Yesevi’s share and are fortunate to him. Prophet asks his companions that who will give these dates to Ahmed, and Arslanbab takes this responsibility. Then, Arslanbab searches for Ahmed so that he can give these dates. in doing this, many centuries ended. finally, Arslanbab finds Ahmed in Turkistan. At that time Ahmed was an orphan even so.

Arslanbab feels that after completing this mission, he will die soon. That’s why arslanbab says Ahmed to go to Bukhara with him. There Arslanbab says Yesevi to search Yusuf El-Hemedani who was the known teacher and scholar of that specific era. Arslanbab becomes his pupil. After some time, Arslanbab died and Yesevi went to Bukhara city to accomplish the desires of his teacher. After few years, a popular book Divan-i-Hikmet (book of wisdom)   was written by Ahmed. In one of the chapters of this book, Ahmed has written that when he was at the age of seven, he met with Arslanbab and he the trust of Mustafa (the Prophet) for him.

Besides this, the student and friend of Ahmed Yesevi is the son of  Arslanbab whose name is Mansur Ata.  At a young age, Mansur learns many lessons and morals from his father, and by following these lessons he nourishes himself. Later on, Mansur Ata became the first student of  Ahmed Yesevi and lived the rest of his life with him.

In the Mavera television series, the name of Arslanbab is mentioned repeatedly. Ahmed Yesevi always speaks good about Arslanbab and tells that he is a good person based on his good deeds. Moreover, Arslanbab raised another character in the series whose name is Pehlivan Hamza. Pehlivan tells about the training he took from Arslanbab and how Arslanbab showed him the right way. Mansur,  The son of Arslanbab is young till now however, he goes to Baghdad with Ahmed.

Mansur wants to become a teacher and hero like Ahmed Yesevi. But Ahmed always protects him from all dangers. Although Mansur Ata is worried about this condition, what his teacher Ahmed wants he does the same. Ahmed says Mansur to write diaries and stories. Ahmed asks Mansur whatever good or happened to him, he writes about them. Mansur takes this responsibility and starts to write at the request of his teacher about every region where he goes,  what he listens to and whatever comes up to him.