samsung in pakistan

Samsung Interested in Establishment of mobile Assembly Plant in Pakistan

A detailed meeting was held between the Managing Director (MD), Chief Executive officer (CEO), Industries Federal Minister, and Production Hammad Azhar. Hammad Azhar tweeted that, the Company of Samsung is also very interested in setting up their Assembly unit in Pakistan.

Industries Federal Minister also said, In Pakistan, the production of smartphone is increasing very quickly, and he was also very thankful for establishing such best policies.

Such changes and quick thinking about the establishment of the smartphone assembly unit in Pakistan were appreciated by both Samsung officials.

The very first mobile manufactured by Pakistan was approved by ECC (Economic coordination Committee)

A task was given to the Industries Federal Minister and Production to develop some more features and to promote the research and development, which will ultimately lead this to the export of mobile phones.

Implementation of registration, identification and blocking through PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), the smartphone develop very much.