Samsung Galaxy s21 to be announced on 14th January
Samsung Galaxy s21 to be announced on 14th January

Samsung Prepares to Steal the Show At Virtual CES With Their S21 Series

Samsung is prepping for its flagship launch at a virtual unpacked event on the 14th of January. All eyes are on Samsung and what it brings to the table as Apple bagged the year 2020 with its launch of 5 different iPhones in a single year. The Register Now Prebooking link is active on the website.

No Charger in the Box?

Samsung is expected to follow in the footsteps on Apple and will stop shipping chargers with their phones. Of course nothing is official as of now but the leaks hint towards it.

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The Most Advanced Samsung Galaxy Till Date

Every year, the Note has been the vanguard flagship that packs it all for Samsung. But that is expected to change this year as rumors point towards Galaxy S21 series packing S-Pen functionality. This will be interesting as previously only Note series phones could use the S-Pen. If the rumors turn out to be true then it might suggest trouble for the Note series which is rumored to be going out.

A promo image has been leaked by the famous tipster Evan Blass. The photo is what Samsung will use to show off the phone once it’s out. From these pictures, we get to see the S21 Lilac Color as well as the Black S21 Ultra that just looks gorgeous.

Strong Internals

The S21 Ultra is expected to bring a 6.7-inches large display, the Snapdragon 888, 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage along with 4 cameras at the back, for a rumored $1000 price. This is expected to be above PKR220000 when it hits the Pakistani market.

Galaxy Buds Pro would also be making a debut at the unpacked event at CES. But it looks like Samsung won’t stop there, apparently, we’re also getting the Galaxy Smart Tags. These smart tags will be a Tile-like device that will serve as a Bluetooth-based tracker and will work, kind of like Apple’s rumored AirTags with UWB.

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Breakthrough Use of Bluetooth Technology: Samsung Smart Tags

The Smart Tags can be attached to your keychain or ANY OTHER thing and would be able to be tracked using bluetooth on devices across the globe. The functionality focuses on making use of bluetooth present in billions of devices to create a smart network. Essentially, if you forget your wallet somewhere and it has a Smart Tag on it, it will ‘talk’ to the nearest device that it is here. The device will add the GPS information to the identification information from the Smart Tag. It will then be visible on the account that is tied to the Smart Tag. This will make finding devices and stuff easy by just looking at the Smart Tag app in your phone.

There are high hopes for Samsung this year. Apple is gearing up another scattered launch of at least 5 more phones this year.