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Episode 6  synopsis

Destan Episode 6 synopsis, When Akkiz was about to kill Alpagu, Batuga stopped her and dragged her out of the room before Temur arrived. Kircicek’s maid heard what Sirma had said to Tutkun. Kircicek told her father that Akkiz might have killed Alpagu. Then Balamir went back to Dag to catch Colpan. Akkiz said that Batuga was a double-headed wolf and believed that he would unite all Turks. Akkiz then asked Batuga about the pigeon that brought news to the palace.

Akkiz said that the Dag tribe never used pigeons. Batuga realized that someone who knew his father closely had set a trap for his mother. Alpagu then went to the living room to dine with his family. Akkiz started to sing the song he learned from Batuga. Alpagu called Akkiz and said that he would send her to the dungeon because of the song she sang. Temur stopped his father and said that this slave saved Batuga. Balamir came to the palace with Colpan.

Balamir ordered that Akkiz and other enslaved women be brought. Balamir said that Akkiz tried to kill Khan and asked her questions. Alpagu continued to question Akkiz. Batuga threatened Kircicek. Balamir was wronged because the servant changed his statement. Akkiz said that this questioning damaged her honor and asked Khan for permission to enter the archery competition. Alpagu saw how Akkiz was using an arrow and allowed her to participate in the competition.

Calayir decided to do what Colpan wanted to save his life. Yibek asked Akkiz to clean the corridor. Akkiz injured her hands when she used the water in the bucket. Batuga helped Akkiz and said that she could not participate in the competition in this situation. Although Alpagu was injured, he shot the arrow and started the celebrations. Yaman won the arrow competition and Khan then invited him to the hunting party. Batuga talked to Yaman after the competition and asked him to find strong men.


Destan Episode 6 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Tuesday

28 December 2021

London,  UK


01:00 PM Tuesday

28 December 2021

New York, USA


10:00 PM Tuesday

28  December 2021

Lahore, Pakistan


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