Alp Arslan Episode 40

Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 40 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 40 synopsis

Alparslan locked Besasiri in the inn’s warehouse and left from there. Shortly after, there was a big explosion. Alparslan said that he had killed Besasiri and began to wait for the Lord. Grigor came to the inn and saw that his soldiers were dead. Alparslan said that the Lord had to sign the agreement for Alexander to be released. The lord first attacked the Turks, but when he failed, he signed the treaty. Meanwhile, Besasiri managed to escape using the carriage carrying the dead bodies.

After what Lord said, Alparslan went to the forest and tried to understand what Yinal had done. Alparslan realized that Yinal was a traitor and went to the tribe. The Sultan calmed everyone down and asked Alparslan to prove his accusations. The Sultan said that Yinal will chair the meeting, which will take place soon. Alparslan did not accept this, but he could not change the Sultan’s decision. Seferiye secretly talked to her father, but could not persuade him.

Flora confessed that she loves Suleiman. The Lord got very angry and asked the Priest to take Flora to the monastery. After what Yusuf said, Lord realized that Alparslan loved Seferiye very much and made a treacherous plan. Alparslan asked Seferiye not to see Yusuf again. Yinal went to Besasiri’s hiding place and asked him to attack the meeting. The next morning, the Turks came to the meeting and said they were following Yinal’s orders.

While Alparslan was arguing with Yinal, Besasiri attacked and soon escaped. Yinal immediately went to the palace and said that Alparslan had ruined the meeting. After Alparslan followed the tracks in the forest, he went to the palace and told what Yinal had done. A soldier of Alparslan said that he found the whereabouts of Besasiri. While Alparslan was preparing for the attack, Yinal went to the inn and asked Besasiri to flee. Alparslan caught both Besasiri and Yinal red-handed. Sultan understood why Yinal went to the inn.

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06:00 PM Monday  01:00 PM Monday  10:00 PM Monday 
02 JANUARY 2023 02 JANUARY 2023 02 JANUARY 2023
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
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