Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 | Release Date and Full English Synopsis

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 20 Synopsis and Episode 21 Release Date

When Terken was about to see Basulu, Zubeyde came. Melik Shah soon opened his eyes and immediately prepared to return to the palace. Nizam and Turkish soldiers started attacking. Soon Sanjar captured Albert and the chest of secrets. Prince found out what had happened to Albert and was very angry with Hassan.

Melik Shah started to learn what happened in his absence. Nizam, Sanjar, and Tapar returned to the palace. Melik Shah asked questions to Albert but got no answer from him. Thereupon, Melik Shah told Sanjar to take Albert to a safer castle. Thanks to Tajul, Hassan learned that where Albert was going and told Markus to attack the Turks.

Markus set a trap with the soldiers he received from the Prince, but Melik Shah killed the soldiers. Melik Shah started searching for Markus, but Markus hid in a grave. At the request of the Sultan, Sanjar was a candidate to be the leader of the Kinik tribe.

The prince planned to attack the Turks using the soldiers sent by the Emperor. Nizam said that the Prince broke the peace treaty and that Byzantine soldiers started to advance from the north. The Sultan then made a plan to attack Kuvel with all his might and ordered the tribal leaders in Anatolia to come to the palace.

Zubeyde told her son Berkyaruq to send steel to the palace for the giant catapults at the request of the Sultan. Tajul told Hassan the route the steel-laden cars would use. Hassan, along with Markus, attacked freight cars and seized steel. Melik Shah told the tribal leaders that Byzantium broke the peace and there would be no new peace anymore.

Sanjar went to Turna’s house with his mother and friends, but Faysal had already poisoned Ilteber. The Sultan’s brother Tekish came to the palace and talked about the bad events. Melik Shah said his brother was crossing the line and warned him. Tekish continued to talk and said that the Sultan had a secret son.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Monday

15 February 2021

London,  UK


01:00 PM Monday

15 February 2021

New York, USA


10:00 PM Monday

15 February 2021

Lahore, Pakistan


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