At the opening of the historical Turkish series Kurulus Osman back in 2019, many of us did not notion that it would become the most popular historical series of the world.

Over a very lengthy season comprising of 27 episodes, the series was not only viewed by jillion of people around the globe but was universally applauded by critics for its convoluted storytelling.

Now the season 1 has ended, viewers are looking forwards to the future and pondering when the heroic story of Osman Bey will come back to their screens.

Kurulus Osman Season 2: Release Date

At the moment of corresponding, we do not have any formal date of release of Kurulus Osman Season 2, but many gossips propose a November 2020 opening.

A huge majority of gossips and viewers theories regarding the release date for season 2 propose a date in the last week of November or the opening week of December 2020. This would be approximately the similar time span for the season 1 release date and propose a same release scheme for the season 2.

But, has Wednesday November 4, as the releasing date of episode 1 of the season 2. So, with no formal information accessible, there is clearly some dissimilarity in opinion here.

However, I divine that season 2 of Kurulus Osman will not release until the start of 2021 due to the concoction of Corona virus-related production retards and planning clashes – a point of view shared by Life Kino.

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Kurulus Osman Season 2: Cast

According to many resources, they are a host of new dramatis personae that will be portraying their roles in season 2 of Kurulus Osman, inclusive of Geyhatu (The Mongolian chief) and the uncle of Bahadir (Yavlak Hasan).

Otherwise, we anticipate that the majority of the real cast from the Season 1 will be making a return in the season 2, with advents from Ertugrul, Savci and Dogan Alp. In a recent interview of Cengiz Coşkun on Pakistan private new channel ARY News, he said that he will not appear in the whole Kurulus Osman Series.

There are also gossips that Hayme Ana will be back, a majority of viewers perceived that she is deceased at this point in the story.

Kurulus Osman Season 2: Plot

At the moment of corresponding, there is no formal information or disclosures from the production team as to what the outline for season 2 will be. That being told, we can anticipate the story to stick to that of season 1 quite much rightly.

But, if gossips are real and we do perceive an introduction of Geyhatu, I anticipate the storyline to stick to his relation with Osman – with a few vital fights along the way.

Note: Out of the Middle East on the ATV network, Kurulus Osman season is only accessible on their customized website, Click here to watch in 1080 Resolution and Downloadable. Woefully, it appears as Kurulus Osman will never manifesto-like Netflix, but we will keep refurbishing this page as news regarding season 2 reveals.