Kurulus Osman Episode 104

Kurulus Osman Episode 104 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 104 Synopsis

Osman told his sons about his plan and asked them for help. Bengi said she would kidnap her husband from Yenisehir after the court. Turgut came to the tribe and asked Bengi to be calm. Dursun spoke to Osman before the court and told him that he was worried. Osman asked Dursun to be fair and said that he would never disturb the court. Aladdin went to the courtroom and prepared to take notes.

Bengi came to town. Oktem asked his wife not to do anything bad and started walking to the courtroom. Olof came to town and waited for Osman in the courtroom. While Olof and Oktem were arguing, Osman came into the hall. Osman silenced everyone. A short time later, Dursun came and said that the trial was about to begin. Bayindir saw the gold filled carriage leaving the city for Constantinople and sent a spy.

Dursun first asked Olof questions. Olof said that Oktem first attacked the village and then stole the chest full of gold. Oktem said he did not order the attack and did not know anything about Byzantine gold. Dursun then asked Aktemur questions. Aktemur said Alcicek was innocent, but Dursun said the evidence showed something else. Dursun said that Alcicek would be exiled and Oktem would be executed. Bengi sent a message to her tribe to start the rebellion.

Viking spies stole a chest of gold from Byzantine soldiers. Bayindir attacked shortly after and stole the gold. Osman learned that the gold was stolen and set off with Olof. Osman said he knew Olof’s plan and attacked him. Sarkis hid in the iron mine with the Princess, but Viking spies spotted them. Olof fled the war and came to the mine. After Olof planted explosives in the mine, he picked up the Princess. Osman entered the mine to save his friend and at that moment there was a big explosion.

Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Release Date  Across Different Countries 

06:00 PM Wednesday  01:00 PM Wednesday  10:00 PM Wednesday 
 16 November 2022 16 November 2022 16 November 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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