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Episode 7  synopsis

Destan Episode 7 synopsis , As the engagement celebrations in the palace continued, one of Balamir’s generals arrived. Balamir said that everything will change soon. While Alpagu was talking about the corpse in the palace garden, a boy came and said that this woman was not a claw. Alpagu immediately began to question this boy. Akkiz said some things to protect this child. After Alpagu sent the boy to the cellar, he became angry with Balamir for what had happened in the garden.

Balamir says they have to choose a new Khan. Alpagu objected to this but changed his mind after a while. Alpagu spoke to those who came to the celebration at the palace and asked for their support. Alpagu realized that the tribal leaders supported him and allowed them to sack the palace. Balamir was furious that his plan didn’t work and went back to his own camp. Balamir spoke to one of his commanders and asked him to attack the Tegins.

Thanks to Yaman, Batuga reopened the tunnel in the palace and asked Akkiz to leave the palace. Akkiz fled the palace with Sirma. Alpagu asked Kaya to question the boy. Batuga went to the cellar to save the boy and learned from him the plan of the claw. Akkiz burned some tents to save the children in Balamir’s camp. After a fight with his uncle, Temur noticed the fire and immediately saved the children. Akkiz went to Colpan’s tent the next day and said that someone had set a trap for Tilsim.

Colpan realized that someone from the palace was helping Akkiz and went with him to open her father’s grave. Batuga talked to a drunken man and asked him to go to the dungeon in the palace. After the drunken man took a bag of gold, he went to the dungeon and told the boy that he should never talk about Akkiz. After defeating Kaya, Akkiz immediately set out and went to the palace. While Alpagu was asking his soldiers to attack the Dag, Akkiz brought Kun Ata.


Destan Episode 7 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Tuesday

11 January 2022

London,  UK


01:00 PM Tuesday

11 January 2022

New York, USA


10:00 PM Tuesday

11 January 2022

Lahore, Pakistan


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