Destan Episode 18 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 18 Synopsis

Akca went to look for her mother with Manco, but Temur stopped her. After talking to Temur about Batuga, Akkiz continued to look for her mother. Alpagu ordered the arrest of Vargi and Tai. Ece warned Vargi and asked him to run away. Alpagu started following Vargi and Tai. Batuga’s plan worked, and Colpan caught the traitors in the forest.

Alpagu returned to the palace with the traitors and began to question them. Tai says Balamir planned everything. Alpagu blinded Tai and ordered Vargi to be brought. Calayir said that Vargi committed suicide. Batuga asked Khan to make peace, but he said he would punish the traitors one by one. Akkiz finally found Manco’s camp in the forest, but Kuzu kidnapped her mother.

Batuga returned to the tribe and spoke to Akkiz. Akkiz said she wanted to save her mother. Batuga spoke to Yula that night and said he would persuade the tribal leaders to peace. Yula said that it is almost impossible for Batuga to become Khan. Kaya’s spy learned that Batuga was going to hold a meeting with the leaders and immediately told Khan of this. Alpagu made a plan for Balamir to attend this meeting as well.

Batuga asks Kun Ata for medicine to heal his arm, but he says it needs to be broken. While Akkiz was going to save her mother, Kun Ata broke Batuga’s arm. While Temur was looking for the house in the market with Akkiz, Gunesli stopped them and said it was a trap. Batuga started talking to the leaders and said that the Turks should not fight. Soon after, Balamir came to this meeting and said that Batuga was a traitor. As Balamir was about to attack Batuga, Alpagu came and shot him with arrows. Alpagu then killed Colpan.

Destan Episode 18 | Release Date Across Different Countries 

06:00 PM Tuesday 01:00 PM Tuesday 10:00 PM Tuesday
5 April 2022 5 April  2022 5 April 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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