Alp Arslan Episode 48

Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 48 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 48 synopsis

Alparslan went to the palace with the document in his hand and asked his brother to leave the throne. Suleiman got scared and ordered Alparslan’s arrest. Toygar stopped the palace soldiers and said that the Sultan’s seal was on the paper in Alparslan’s hand. Alparslan told everyone that Tughrul died and started to tell his last order. The vizier realized that things were getting worse and asked Alparslan to leave the palace immediately. The bandits made a plan to ask Alparslan for gold.

Alparslan prepared to recapture Merv and sent Toygar ahead. Kutalmis learned that all roads were closed and wanted to return to Merv. First Toygar and then Alparslan entered Merv. Most of the people in the tribe accepted Alparslan as the new Sultan. Kutalmis said that he would fight Alparslan to become the Sultan from now on and set out for Gerdkuh. The vizier said that Suleiman should become the new Sultan as soon as possible.

Suleiman prepared for Tughrul’s burial and soon declared himself the new Sultan of the state. Alparslan learned that his family was kidnapped by Suleiman and immediately went to the palace. Suleiman did not allow Alparslan to attend the funeral and sent him to the dungeon. Alparslan learned all the facts from Atsiz. The vizier said that Alparslan should be executed immediately in the palace courtyard, but Aybars objected to this. Aybars said that Alparslan should be sent into exile.

The vizier asked Leon to kill Seferiye. After Alparslan left the palace, the bandits attacked him. Suleiman went to Vaspurakan to dine with the Lord, thinking that Alparslan would be killed by spies on the way. Alparslan killed the bandits and later saved his family. Leon attacked the Turks but was unsuccessful. Alparslan secretly entered Vaspurakan and waited for his soldiers to open the gate of the city. Leon managed to escape from the Turks and captured Alparslan in the city.


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06:00 PM Monday  01:00 PM Monday  10:00 PM Monday 
20 March 2023 20 March 2023 20 March 2023
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
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