Alp Arslan Episode 30

Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 30 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 30 synopsis

While returning to the castle, Alparslan saw Seferiye in the forest and asked her to return. Seferiye started arguing with Alparslan and stabbed him in the shoulder. Alparslan went to the castle but hid the wound on his shoulder from everyone. Yusuf was very angry about what his daughter had done and asked her to be mindful of her actions. A few Turkish merchants entered Byzantine territory. As the watchmen were about to attack the merchants, a woman came and killed the soldiers.

Alparslan went to Ani and asked the Lord not to return the goods of the merchants. Grigor refused Alparslan’s offer and showed him the huge cross that he was going to take to the inn. Oke started talking to Alexander and gave him the steel that she had brought in Yinal’s name. Oke then went to Vaspurakan with her husband. While Alparslan was trying to hide the wound on his shoulder, Seferiye came and began to apologize to him. Seferiye thought that in this way the marriage would be annulled.

Alparslan went to Seferiye’s room and told her that he would never give up on this marriage. Grigor began to question the soldiers in the dungeon, but could not learn anything from them. Alparslan then set out to implement his plan. Oke began to suspect Erbaskan, but Yinal said that his brother was not a traitor. Alparslan stopped the cross leading to the inn and entered it. After everyone was asleep that night, Alparslan came out of the cross and took back the goods of the merchants.

Alexander said that these attackers were bandits, but Grigor realized that Alparslan did everything. Grigor devised a plan to take revenge and asked his soldiers to dress like Turks. While the merchants were talking about Alparslan’s offer at the secret meeting place, the Byzantine soldiers began to attack. The traders thought that Alparslan gave the order for this attack. Seferiye secretly followed Alparslan and saw Akca’s grave. Alparslan went to the inn with a wounded merchant. This trader also said that Alparslan planned everything.

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06:00 PM Monday  01:00 PM Monday  10:00 PM Monday 
03 October 2022 03 October  2022 03 October 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
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